TEMES fl.cal Software and Services for Flange Calculations


Flange calculations and
flange calculation software

Calculation is important regarding analysis of flanged joints. In any case, the assembly / mounting staff needs a

  • tightening torque (pre-stress) value.

Additionally, the integrity of the joint has to be demonstrated by

  • stress analysis

and – if there are frequent load transients – fatigue analysis. Additionally, a

  • tightness analysis

has to be performed. Because of the complexity of the behavior of bolted flanged joints, only an iterative calculation procedure can lead to reliable results.


Flange calculations as a service

Flange calculations by amtec are tailored to customers needs. If analytical approaches are convenient we use analytical calculation procedures, as provided by

  • ASME
  • EN
  • VDI / DIN

If the application is complex

  • Finite Element Analysis

is used as a tool. In all cases, our experience and our philosophy is basis of the analysis.


Flange calculation with finite elements analysis (FEA)

Calculation software

TEMES fl.cal

With the amtec software TEMES fl.cal a reliable tool for the calculation of bolted flanged joints based on the state of the art is available. It includes all actually relevant analytic calculation procedures, as provided by

  • ASME
  • EN
  • VDI / DIN

The compliance of the software with codes and standards is certified.

Comprehensive databases are part of the package:

  • geometries of flanges, bolts, gaskets
  • materials of flanges, bolts
  • gasket characteristics

amtec expands these databases regularly; additionally, the user can create his own extensions to these databases.



Software TEMES fl.cal for flange calculations