Valves: Reduce emissions and save money

Leakage from valves still is a major cause of unanticipated emissions in all parts of industry. This is not necessarily so.

amtec recommends a basic recipe to minimize emissions:

Apply a consequent procedure – consider every parameter of influence.

The selection of suitable gaskets and packings is much more reliable using data from our test laboratory. Combined with a correct assembly emissions can be reduced, drastically, and the availability of the plant will be increased.

Type testing of valves and stuffing boxes can be performed with our valve test rig. Valves can be subject to a user defined combination of mechanical loads, internal pressure and temperature – cyclic, short and long term – simulating the actual operating conditions. Measurements of stem torque, seat leakage and emissions at the stem sealing and at the flanges can be carried out according to individual requirements and test specifications.



Detailed determination of characteristics of stuffing box packings is available using our test rigs for packing materials: Deformation characteristics, tightness behavior, friction, long term stability etc.

Finally, using our specific assembly tools (equipment for controlled tightening) the correct prestress can be applied within narrow tolerances.


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