Labaratory Athens


New Gasket Testing Laboratory

On December 1, 2015 amtec North America, Inc. opened a new gasket testing laboratory in Athens, Ohio. The lab is equipped with the multifunctional test rig TEMES fl.ai1 which provides the determination of gasket characteristics in compression, leakage,compressive creep and creep relaxation tests at room temperature or elevated temperatures as well as under load or internal pressure.

Visit our office to get detailed information on our testing services and testing equipments. The address of the laboratory is 189 Columbus Road
Athens, OH 45701.


leak-free in 5 steps


Bolted joints: Leak-free in 5 steps

For more than 25 years now, we are testing the properties of gaskets, calculating strength and measuring bolt forces. Using this experience, we have developed a process to ensure reliably leak-free joints in 5 simple steps. more...


Valves: Minimize emissions and save money

The selection of suitable gaskets and packings is much more reliable using data from our test laboratory. Combined with a correct assembly emissions can be reduced, drastically, and the availability of the plant will be increased. measurably...